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Another key aspect of the services provided by Factory Service Agency, Inc., are Maintenance Contracts. The types of contracts offered can include a normal Preventive Maintenance Inspection, a Full Labor Coverage Contract or a Full Coverage Contract.

Maintenance of equipment is one of the most often overlooked services available, and if neglected, can become one of the most costly items in a companies expenses. Improper maintenance can lead to un-anticipated break downs, loss of comfort and reduced productivity, excessive repair costs, and much higher than necessary utility bills.

In a normal PM service, our technicians visit the customer's facility on a pre-determined schedule, either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. During the inspection, all HVAC related equipment can be checked. Filters and belts are checked and changed, drain lines are checked and cleaned, all bearings, etc. are properly lubricated, and the over-all performance of the systems are verified, including refrigerant pressures, etc. Any defects that are determined are brought to the attention of the customer and an itemized quotation for recommended repairs is provided. No extra work is performed without customer knowledge and authorization.

In this type of contract, all of the services outlined above are provided, and in addition, any emergency service calls that are received during the period of coverage, are performed at no additional charge for labor. The customer pays prevailing rates for any parts that are used during maintenance or service.

For a full coverage contract, the customer pays a fixed fee, and in return, FSA performs all routine preventive maintenance inspections, all emergency service calls, and provides all required parts for complete coverage of the equipment listed in the agreement.

1. Natural Resource Development and Exploration Corporations

2. Municipal Facilities - Multiple Properties

3. National Account Representative for Numerous National Retail Chains

4. Archdiocesan Facilities - High School - Offices - Universities

5. Federal Agencies/Park Service Offices/Military Compounds