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Design/Build capability is another aspect that sets FSA apart from it's competitors. This ability incorporates an in-house capacity to take an owner or developer's ideas and coordinate the necessary design of the HVAC system for their project.

The system, which is offered and then reviewed by all parties involved in the development, is then assured to provide the most efficient and complete performance, to satisfy the needs and desires of the end user. This type of project, once finalized, will insure full compliance with all applicable codes and accepted design practices.

The plans can be stamped by a Licensed Engineer, and most important of all, during the construction phase of the project, the actual designing firm, is also the installing contractor. This guarantees that the installation will satisfy the end user and that the entire system is installed and performs as originally intended.

During the design/review, any special considerations are presented, and if the owner would like to select specific items of equipment or maintain unusual conditions, the coverage for those items is incorporated into the design. This process helps eliminate the need for Change Orders during the project, avoids delays due to equipment revisions, and prevents "Budget" cost increases after job inception.

Sample Factory Service Agency, Inc. Design/Build Projects:

1. Lakewood Health Care Facility - Slidell, LA

2. Volunteers of America/Single Residency Occupancy Facility -
New Orleans, LA
(With Moses Engineers)

3. Gulf Coast Office Products Building - Harahan, LA
(With Walter Ashton, P.E.)

4. Union Carbide Star Plant Expansion - Taft, LA

5. Omni Crescent Hotel - New Orleans, LA
(With George Mahl & Association, Engineer)